Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IBARW - Year Three

The People of Colour in SciFi and Fantasy Carnival, which I promote just about every six weeks, is about reaffirming our presence in the genres. Sometimes it's about celebrating, sometimes it's about pointing out 'Enlightenment, you are doing it wrong'.

But the International Blog Against Racism Week isn't confined to just the world of speculative fiction (and those editors and writers and other artist/creators who're blinded by privilege or racism). IBARW is once a year and specifically about racism; what it is, how it hurts and harms, where it's been and where it's going and what people are trying to do to stamp the crap down.

IBARW 3 Started on Monday. The theme this year is INTERSECTIONALITY. Given the year we've had online, it is most appropriate. I suggest going to check it out.

So far I've seen the following interesting articles I need to go back and read.

1. 50 books by Poc by the IBARW founder, Oyceter

2. Racism Against Roma In Italy - How You Can Help. By Anna, of Annaoverseas.com at her Livejournal.

3. International Racism also by Oyceter

4. You can't order justice for one by Yeloson of Livejournal.

5. And Delux Vivens links back to earlier this year and Cassie Edwards.


Don't just read the links I point out. Go look. Go HUNT. Because just scrolling through my feedlist I realize that far too often we're preaching to the choir. I know most of the people writing and they probably know me. Then again, we're all being pro-active on the internet. Still, it's a week where PoC and Allies of PoC are giving information, freely and are willing to engage.

Don't go read and interact expecting them to teach you. Racism 101 by a PoC is a gift, not a right, not something to demand, and not something to walk away from with a lazy, narrow minded brain because it wasn't spoonfed to you.

IBARW is NOT Racism 101.

But it is a week where those of you full of questions, would do well to listen.

ETA: 6. ...25 years of cover whitewashing in Joan Vinge's "Cat" series

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