Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Officially Anti Wowio

I have deleted the link to Wowio from my sidebar.

If you can stand the blinking, distracting ads, or if you have Ad Block Plus - there's nothing to be lost, I suppose, from reading what they have available for online viewing.

I do suggest, however that for purchasing/downloading that you head to the creator's site and perhaps buy there or at PullBoxOnline.Com or at Drive Thru Comics. Or you can try hunting around at EnWorld.rpgnow.com - I'm totally lost over there. But no doubt there are other places - feel free to link in comments.

Comics at Wowio are only free so long as there is a sponsor (likely to be found by the comic author themselves). And the sponsor only allows for -one- download. That's it. And the Sponsor gets to choose which area of Wowio they wish to sponsor; articles and essays, comics and graphic novels, fiction, etc... Currently Breastcancer.org isn't willing to sponsor my comic habit. I feel snubbed.

At this rate I'd rather hit a donate button for some artists and download stuff from their site or their upload account.

*Goes to find a good source for Lai Wan: The Dreamwalker*

More non Wowio related entries later - I've got a draft or two in the wings.

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