Friday, August 1, 2008

Yet More Ow On Wowio

Seems like it was a good thing I had the time yesterday to open the read-online-only files of Neotopia and find out how the story ends; they're no longer on my queue in my library. A whole bunch of things aren't. I've gone from nearly 400 items to just under two hundred (195 to be exact).

I can't quite complain, as the creators have every right not to sign contracts or continue with Wowio. But the less there is on there, the less I'm going to use it as my digital publishing one-stop (or top shop out of a tight few).

One thing that's really struck me is other people's reactions. Friends of mine who I introduced to Wowio who went to the site for the re-opening and discovered, as one friend put it "a bunch of children's lit fluff". And the prices on things that she did want to read were at paperback prices of 7$ and 8$.

It looks like July 31st wasn't the real opening day, however. Since looking at the site now on Aug 1st, there seems to be gift items that might allow me to download some things. I haven't checked yet. I wanted to write out my thoughts on my second impression / second day first impression.

Especially since the reminder of how many friends I'd turned onto WOWIO, reminded me I'd turned family members on to it too. And I am not having siblings or older family members contributing to shafting the artists.

Annnnd the gift downloads?

Your next download from Comics & Graphic Novels is free (for a limited time) — a gift from EA Sports.

So is that one download only for the day vs the previous three a day? Without any information I'd better make some very careful choices - yes?

One incredibly good thing about my recent disappointment in Wowio is the discovery that some of the comics on my queue were web-comics I'd never heard of before. I'm adding them to my feeds now and investigating if they have other avenues for digital offerings. Half the reason I liked Wowio originally was that I felt like I wasn't going to be torrenting but I would get digital comics AND pay the creators.

NB: I'm aware I've been grumpy, cranky and somewhat bitchy what with the stupidity in the femiblogsphere and Marvel and DC being - well, full of juvenile self glorying idiots. So Wowio had a big void to fill when it came back anyway. But I know there are other places selling digital comics like Drive Thru Comics. Looks like it's time to investigate them.

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