Friday, December 8, 2006

Attention Defecit?

If Whedon is doing Buffy Season 8 as a limited comic book series - how is he going to have the time, energy and creativity to work on Runaways?

He's already doing Astonishing X-Men, isn't he still? That makes three books on his plate, not counting any possible involvement he might have in the Firefly comic series. And Buffy is his baby; one of them at any rate.

And wasn't there also a Slayer in the Future? Didn't have some kind of control or involvement in that too?

I'd already decided I wasn't going to follow Runaways when Joss took over. My days of 'Joss is God!' are long over. Even though I don't blame him for Angel's early cancellation. That's all on the WB/ CW and it's need to teen drama and pregnancies and soap opera kitsch.

But with so much drawing his attention away, how's he supposed to focus on something as beloved as his baby? Any guesses?

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