Saturday, February 3, 2007

WW: The Movie / Thoughts

So Joss Wheadon is no longer part of the WW movie. Some people are happy with that - they didn't think that Wonder Woman's mythology was something Joss would handle very well. Other people are saddened because now it means a longer wait, or because they think everything Joss touches is gold.

I don't know that I believe any modern movie making machinery could get WW's mythology right. Everything today is branding. WonderWoman believes in equal rights for all, the natural power of women, integrity, truth and justice.

She's for good stuff.

I'll be honest, I think the only reason that Batman Begins did so well is because Batman's dark. The Superman Returns movie was weak to me. Part of it is that I'm a Batman fangirl, but the other part of it is that it didn't capture me. A good comics movie should capture people who aren't fans. It should capture people who only know the surface mythology.

WonderWoman is fairly complex and in all truth if Joss couldn't figure something out and if the WB wasn't liking where Joss was going with something and couldn't give him inspirational direction then I don't know and I don't think I want to know, what they want to do with WW.

Making dolls is easier. Promoting eagle crested corsets and bustiers is easy. Having every little girl want to wear a strapless bathing suit and twirl a rope around is easy. Making a movie that has an actual heroic message - one that's positive from the start ? Has anyone seen that recently?

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