Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thoughts On Wonder Woman (Meme Style)

My Wonder Woman

Is vegetarian.
Likes omelettes for breakfast.
Likes two tablespoons of coffee in her spiced milk,
But believes caffeine is an addiction,
This doesn't stop her from indulging in a latte every now and then.
Tries to straddle the line of modern woman and living myth.
Is best friends with a Minotaur.
Is closer friends with several women yet isn't actually a lesbian.
Is bisexual,
But she's aware than most mortal women don't see themselves that way.
Feels personal betrayal keenly but betrayal of a cause more so - to betray a cause is to betray morals is to betray the self.
Has fought fears and daemons in Hades.
Has been the personal champion of the King/Queen of the Greek Gods.
Knows that battling with Ares keeps her sharp.
Dislikes the truth that Ares as conflict does keep Man's Modern World evolving.
Has wondered if one day she too will have a daughter who will try to champion peace and a better way.
Was blessed by the goddesses and Hermes.
Wonders is she'll ever find someone not intimidated by who she is and what she can do.
Has fought more foes than Circe, Giganta and Tigress
Can strategize with the best of them (Batman, Mr. Terrific)
But doesn't think that needs to make her come across as hard as they do.
Thinks that a lasso of truth ends the need for unnecessary violence,
But still trains in hand to hand and with sword and shield.
Is a skilled warrior,
But also a savvy diplomat.
Killed a man to save the world,
Wishes she didn't have to.
Knows she has to gain mankind's trust all over again.
Remembers Hermes telling her that mortals are fickle in their adoration.
Meditates when she's tense,
But communicates with her patron goddesses when she's in need of true guidance.
Sees herself as a part of the world.
Wonders how many times someone will try to derail her message of peace by trying to destroy her.

My Wonder Woman is here, on earth, because the Gods are awake and watching, sometimes interfering. She is Prometheus in a new age; she's come to give us 'fire'/knowledge and to counter-act the meddles that would sway our choices.

You know who would write my Wonder Woman? Diane Duane.

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