Friday, June 15, 2007

A Minor Parting Of Ways

So I'm not going to have net access for a little bit (oh life how you shiv me and gag me and kick me up the arse) but I've a question I'd like to try and check in on.

For people who aren't fans of The Question, and who don't know more about him other than 'Oh, is that DC's Rorschach?' - How does/ how do you think Renee Montoya works as The New Question?

I know that I took one look at it and went They made the brown lesbian a non-person/invisible? Wtf?'.

But I'm very aware that I know dip-squat-diddly and nothing about the role she's taking over or reinterpreting or whatever.

Here are a couple off the cuff questions, but I have plenty more so if you're actually gonna reply, feel free to make with the 5 part posts.

1 - How well is The Question respected in DCverse?

2 - Has there been a dynamic change artwise to show that it's Renee behind the non-features mask?

3 - Should there be?

4 - Has The Question always seemed to be a non-facial featured white man?

5 - Does that now make Renee a non-featured white woman, when in costume?

6 - Who listens to The Question, who did he, and now she interact with or team up with?

7 - Is there anyone who feels Renee should have been set up to remain a cop and that taking a minority figure off Gotham PD sends a bad message

8 - Is there anyone who believes Renee didn't need to become a 'costume' in order to be effective?

9 - Will there/ does it seem likely to be any utilization of Renee's status as a Latina in her new role?

10 - Would that be a good idea or would it be too open to stereotypical circumstances (people, neighbourhoods, etc)

11 - Who does The Question represent / or was meant to represent?

See y'all when I get back.

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