Monday, March 3, 2008

We Interrupt Your Reading For This Brief Announcement


You are so fired.

Fired: To break up with, divorce, get out of a relationship.

Please make no more promises to me about pimping the Carnival. I do not wish to hear them.


  1. I'm very sorry. My mom went into the hospital late Sunday night and real life kind of overwhelmed me.

  2. Y'know Kali, seeing as how I'm not on the filter that gets that kind of information it's hard for me to feel guilty cause I didn't know. All I know is that you'd found time to post about other things - on Monday even.

    I hope your mom gets better and feels better.

    But yeah, despite your enthusiasms, it's been a month and some now that you've been claiming to want to promote the thing and recently I'm the one consistently contacting you about it. I don't even bug Metafandom to mention the Carnival anymore. I count on the people who claim to like the thing to inform others about it. And that's also usually where I draw my pool of hosts from.