Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who Is Rachel Moss?

Why is Rachel Moss being shunned as transphobic, fatphobic and emotionally abusive towards children?

Well apparently for Rachel Moss, WisCon was for the Lulz.

WisCon is not my thing. It may very well never be my thing. However setting off a chain reaction of hatred on the internet that involves people's pictures being posted with mocking of size, status as a PoC, mocking of their disabilities and leading to like minded, nasty racist individuals trolling for pics so they can post them with the words 100% Nigger - THAT SHIT GOES BEYOND DIVERGING INTERESTS!

Actions have consequences. Rachel Moss took some actions. A google bomb shunning is a consequence.

Am I taking the AngryBlackWoman's Blog side over Rachel Moss? Hell yes I am. Cause I ABW is owning their words.

Rachel Moss? How To Win Friends & Influence People on Line 1. They want to give you your money back.


  1. *growls*

    that is all so f-ing disgusting >:O

    and her ignorant transphobia was just >:| i love how she says "and likes men", as if liking men defines somebody as a woman e_e;;

  2. Ami:

    My anger? I cannot BEGIN to show you it.

    Like I said, I have my issues with WisCon (panels, participants, history, etc). But to purposely go to a feminist convention/safe space, for the sole purpose of a) wanting to see women tear each other down politically b) making fun of everyone that straight, white males flex their power over? Especially when said individual is a woman themselves?

    That shit is bodily waste all down their face and in their mouths and spouting like a fountain from their heads.

    She gets to decide who is disabled and who is a He or a She? Hell fucking no.

    And the ensuring wankfest of hate instigated and spurred on by her initial post?

    That is COMPLETELY on her. She posted to a community KNOWN for group mocking. It's not even as if she did this 'for the lulz' in her own damn journal.

    F-ing disgusting is right.

  3. The whole thing makes me so goddamned angry.

    A few years ago a friend of mine, who has fibromyalgia and a bunch of other health complications, was villified by former friends of hers online; they circulated a rumour that my friend was exaggerating her condition... because according to them (one of them a medical person, at that), fibro isn't a potentially disabling condition. The old "yuppie flu" bullshit that people like to attach to any condition that they're too ignorant and intolerant to comprehend raised its head.

    So when I hear stuff like this, I hope that Moss never, ever lives down her words. I'm with ABW on this; if someone is so bigoted that they post stuff like this, the internet should not forget about it just because they make an apology and take the post down. And guess what? She's since retracted that apology.

    I also found this post on Amptoons interesting because of how it links the various forms of body fascism implicit in this whole thing.