Thursday, July 17, 2008


If you wanted to submit something to the 11th PoC Carnival of Sci Fi & Fantasy, the deadline's tomorrow, July 18th. Information on where to submit here at Part 1 of the Carnival.


~ Announcing the Women of Color & Beauty Carnival ~

"This Carnival is intended to focus on beauty and what it means to and about women of color. In particular, I would like to see discussion go beyond a focus on the ways in which women of color can internalize self hatred to the ways in which women and communities of color recognize and celebrate beauty." -- Delux Vivens

    Submissions from women and men of color are welcome, focusing on these areas:

  • What does beauty mean to women of color?

  • What is the difference between beauty and ethnically based sexual stereotyping?

  • How does stereotyping and white supremacy affect our concepts of beauty, and how can we create change?

  • What kind of responsibility do white women who identify as allies have to analyze and take ownership of their privilege in this area?

  • How do popular standards of beauty based on generalized whiteness affect our relationships with ourselves, each other, and between different groups of people of color?

Carnival submission deadline is August 5. Please post submissions here.

The Carnival will be posted at the livejournal community YENNENGA.