Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Someone remind to that no matter what happens in my life, I have to write a story where all black people (and south east asian folk, and first nations folk - aka everyone brown and possibly also asian) gets sucked through a dimensional vortex thus leaving the future to the white folk.

While I've had issues trying to read Elizabeth Bear, I do love the concept that in one of her worlds nanites ate up all the white people.

Why the sudden 'oh my freaking head'?

Revolution of the Mask. It's apparently done by the blogger behind Atop the 4th Wall which is a blog I've read and enjoyed. In his comic, however, in the future which seems very 1984 meets Brave New World, only with superheroes; it's a far flung future where for decades people have been living as cogs. White people.

Now maybe the superhero known as 'Mystery Man' is covered head to toe cause he's black. At which case I just laugh and laugh and laugh at the stereotype. And if you don't know what stereotype I mean - do some research. You're on the effing internet.

But far flung dystopian future - all white folk.

So again I need to write the story of People of Colour getting on space ships and moving out to live among enlightened beings in the damn stars. So I can explain why you never see us in these futures.

Actually, that ties into a novel idea I already have.

*goes to write*

ETA: Also while I'm discussing things that sadden and aggravate me. In his future where everyone belongs to everyone else. You see men having sex with women. And what looks like, possibly a man having sex in public with another man. It's hard to tell, the figures are drawn behind the point of view protaganist. But there was no sign that in this future where you're not allowed to say no - that any women might be taking sexual advantage of the men. The men aren't drawn with downcast eyes and weariness on their faces. Except for whatever's happening on page three, panel 2. Cause what? The only unwanted sexual advance for men is from another male?

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  1. That sounds like this guy's response to that criticism while boasting of his gender-blindness - "As for the racial factor, I plead guilty to mainly populating the book with white people; by the time the racial homogeneity occurred to me, late in the editing process, it was too late to do anything about it. I figured that randomly backfilling in token people of color would only make matters worse."

    It didn't occur to him that there were other kinds of people in the world until it was all finished...oookay. Dude! Get out of your basement once in a while! If any (and I do mean "any" now) neighborhood in Manchester, NH, is exponentially more diverse than your global future, UR DOIN IT WRONG!

    That was also the problem with a book I otherwise really enjoyed recently, "Lonely Werewolf Girl" - the London of the book was a heck of a lot whiter and culturally-monolithic than the London I visited for a few days 20 years ago and encountered grafitti in Arabic as a matter of course. Hmm....something's wrong, I doubt it's less diverse today...