Sunday, December 7, 2008

Character / Plot Wish List

What's yours?

There's so much aggravating and steaming and pissing off... and as I was describing something to a friend that I'd wanted to see - the thought of it made me happy. First time I've felt happy about mainstream superhero comics in months.

So I figured I'd share my squee and ask what impossible thing would you want to see happen in DC or Marvel? It's coming upon the Season of Transformation (of Lights & Renewal). So if a powerful fantastical being could grant you a comic book wish, what would it be?


I'd want the Cosmic Dazzler Mini. I'd want a build on Dazzler becoming more comfortable with her powers and abilities and the mystery solved as to why she was coming back from death in Excalibur. My Cosmic Dazzler would have a scene where Dazzler and Quasar (Phylla-Vell) meet and in the middle of confusion and questions there's an attack and the bad guys have to deal with two determined women holding glowing swords of light.

Think how pretty that would look!

And the only way my Cosmic Dazzler Mini would be better is if included a guest arc with Monica Rambeau where she too is revealed to be part of a Cosmic Light Order. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the part where Dazzler's ability to play on the Cosmic field is not just a natural outgrowth of her mutation but the result of a vestige of the power cosmic nesting within her in the past few years since Galactus asked her a little favour? Cause that'd be in there too.

And my dream mini would end with Dazzler forming her own team. The times when Alison picked music over do-righting have long since passed. She can be an ass-kicker with a phenomenal voice. But I'm so tired of her singing being the only thing a lot of writers remember about her.

While I'm dreaming, when Monica comes back from the cosmic adventure, she'd pull together NEXTWAVE again and then they'd go around kicking cops in the groin, blowing shit up, killinating supernatural monsters and FIGHTING CRIME!

Seriously, why can't NEXTWAVE be the Marvel answer to Shadowpact? Why can't Dazzler get her own supporting cast? Sprinkle in a mutant or two, some reservists from other teams - voilĂ .

Anyway, that's my crazy, impossible, will likely never be done, fantasy story with a favourite character. I probably have others, but this is the one I've wanted the most recently. What's yours?

Random: This post is possibly the sort of crazy dream post that belongs in the Happy Making blog, Mallet and Canton and I had wanted to try


  1. Remember the Superhero Roller Derby we were chatting about? I can't remember how that came up, but it DID and we CANNOT forget it. No. That could be a one-shot, a special big enough to spotlight mutant (Dazzler, repowered Jubilee), and Fantastic Four teams. Who would compete. For charity.

    I'd love to see that.

    I'd also love to see a mini-series with Jan (bring her back!), Jen and Sue doing "girl stuff" and fighting crime together. They've been doing this since at least the Byrne FF run, when they all go to Jan's hair stylist, where Sue gets a bad haircut and then they end up breaking into the Latverian embassy and fighting Doom!

    You know what? They need an ongoing.

  2. I'd want a whole new series/universe about Supergirl, where Kal never came to Earth, Kara is the only Kryptonian, and it goes from there (I've expanded it with no Batman, no GL, no WW, etc and instead having others be the chars) and have a fresh slate to try stuff with, unconnected with the DCU, multiverse, hypertime, etc etc etc...

    just something fresh I can enjoy :)

    that is what i want :)

    (barring that, I want more Miss Martian)

  3. I'd like a miniseries about depowered mutants in the aftermath of the SHRA. Because now that a million American ex-mutants don't have to register, solely because of House of M, I want to know if they're relieved or still upset.

  4. Hey, knew you wanted my imput from the convo, and thought I could help cheer you up!

    My "Wanted Storyline" would probably be The Silver Surfer vs. The Phoenix. THAT would be a great storyline or heck even single issue.

    Another would be a new Namor series where during the second story arc he starts becoming weaker. We eventually discover that his very... complicated, DNA is breaking down. He starts aging more, he weakens more and more, and the more stress he puts on himself the faster it goes.

    Krang and Bryahh have (in the opening story via help from the United States) overthrown Namor and have installed Democracy in Atlantis. But by the final story arc they have turned back on the U.S. and are prepairing to attack. The U.S. gets wind and, employing Dr. Dorcas, create a weapon to deploy in Atlantis that'll kill the Atlanteans.

    Namor, through various contacts he still has, learns of this and races to Atlantis from his deathbed. In his final act he fights through the Atlantean gaurd, Byrahh and Krang, and even Attuma (who's in negotiations with Atlantis) to get to a "Gift" sent by the U.S. As he begins to rocket towards the surface he realizes that the detonation will cause fallout all over the Surface World killing hundreds of millions of innocents as well.

    Namor continues upwards, flying the destroyer bomb into space as it detonates. The World believes the Prince of Atlantis dead but in the Arctic we see a crater and there, laying frozen, a restored Namor!

    Yeah, it doesn't really "Change" much. Really by the end of the series he'll probably be back in charage of Atlantis but it'd be fun story arc!