Monday, February 9, 2009

Comments Now Closed

Once again someone's felt the need to post a comment to me explaining the deal behind RDJ and Tropic Thunder. Because apparently I cannot be allowed to think it is racist and surely if they explain to me what the point is, I will stop calling or thinking of it as racist.

I'm not publishing the comment. I'm fed up with people going. "Be offended when there's something real to be offended about. But this was a joke. It's funny. It's all about_____ not whatever you think it is."

Because really? No. If you have to explain the joke to someone, then not only is not not a good joke, not only is it not funny, but it's not universal at all.

Hollywood sucks at race. Sucks pretty damn bad and pretty damn hard. Having a movie where people get away with blackface for whatever reason; when Hollywood itself and quite a few of its actors are clueless white people? It's one more shit drop in a bucket of feces in how race is handled in the media.

But I've stopped expecting 101-ers to get that. So comments there and here are closed.