Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trailer: Avatar The Racebender


It's apparently getting THE SEEKER's craptastic treament on top of the race failing, cluelessness and willful ignorance - if that trailer, along with prior publicity shots, are anything to go by.

THE SEEKER by the way, was another beloved YA property, (a book in a series by Susan Cooper) that a Hollywood Studio got their hands on to make into a movie.

The studio modernized and mass identificationized a classic until it was unrecognizable.

* The Fans Rebelled.

* The movie FLOPPED like a wet cow turd, even after promo materials changed the name as if in hope of making consumers not recognize the PoS.

Hopefully people walking out of Shalayman's version won't discredit the beautiful and original animated series. Considering the good one is the one without Shalayman's name all over it - I think there's a good chance.