Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Alien Cockroaches

Remember back in MAY when I was all District 9 looks to be a PoS? Maybe you don't, because it was in a post about Tor/Mammoth!Fail and the Fail was pretty damn huge in May. Some folk have now seen the movie and cannot believe what they sat through. This link includes spoilers btw.

But let me refresh your memory on my thoughts:

And because I don't want to write another post, since I'm already covering WHITE SCIFI DOING IT WRONG - District 9, where the intergalatic peoples being exploited in South Africa; with their technology being stolen and reapplied for martial purposes, where they are second class citizens labeled non-humans and constantly advised against using or wandering into human only zones or bathrooms or swimming holes; are COCKROACHES.


You read that right.

The sub-human group that needs to 'know its place', that's considered a burden, that's watched and monitored and can be disappeared just like that - intergalatic. cockroaches.

It should be noted that the original short film, doesn't have the aliens as cockroach shaped. I wonder who added that little titbit, an American? Or a South African? My bet's on American.

If you do NOT see the problem here, you should stop trying to be an anti-racist. Just. stop.

Meanwhile, Peter Jackson is rapidly becoming a Hollywood living marker of 'INSIDE: Amazing Skanky Race Issues!'. He got a pass for continuing Tolkien's race prejudices, but King Kong and now this are all on him.

Intergalatic COCKROACHES, people - who need to go back where they came from! And the plot seems to revolve around a white, male, human, by the way, the cockroaches are not taking center stage in this possible Apartheid parallel.

Huh, seems I didn't mention their attempt at viral marketing that included an underground alien blogger, fearful for his life, sending out bulletins and information and basically being an alien cockroach freedomfighter in South Africa.

Just think about Apartheid. Information. Journalists. Truth.


Now add Alien Cockroaches.

The depressing part of this for me, is that the individual linked in the community above, brings up CRASH and how many in the white audience (and the Hollywood White Audience) thought it was so deep. So insightful. So... I don't even know, epic or some other shite. There's the fear this will be seen as saying something as well. Saying something other than 'As hard to kill as cockroaches and OMG becoming a non-entity/non-person is contagious! Separation Means Survival!'

2009 People.

2. 0. 0. 9.

It was the year of revelation; the year of exposure. The year nothing changed. The year of exhaustion.