Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three Things Make A Post

1.   Wiscon. Three posts, 'Wiscon I'm Done' and 'On WisCon' and this amazing and to the point Play In 4 Acts by Vito-excalibur (DW).

WisCon was never going to be my thing. And that was further cemented (marble slab) by their original statement, for which I showed scorn here.

But there were people who believed in this convention, who believed it was and could grow and their hurt and disappointment, even though it looks to me like a small child being surprised fire burns, is discomforting to watch.

2.   I came across this blog post discussing 'The BlackBig Box of Lazy Writing' as pertains to the magical something that enables a female protaganist to catch the eye of an appropriate high status male as mate and how that pertains to Sookie of True Love/Southern Vampire Mysteries and doesn't pertain to Buffy The Vampire Slayer (who stands outside the pattern). It's an interesting read and made me think about my own Princess In The City thoughts.
* Yes, I changed Black to Big.
* Also I have no idea what the OP of the linked essay thinks in terms of intersectionality, race, ablism etc. The individual's blogoll seems very feminist. Take that as you will.

3.   I am still mourning my friend. Wishing I could talk to her about all these things. I think that will affect me a while.