Friday, April 18, 2008


I just discovered that the reason I hadn't read any of Ami's Rants of Doooom in a while is because somehow the feed never got added to my feedreader.

That has been rectified. Yay! There shall be SuperCute in my READING!

In other news, I'm considering a Seeking Avalon Twitter. On the one hand it seems pretentious as all hell. But on the other, I do have little thoughts I don't post because it seems not worth the trouble. Just the little bit about Ami wouldn't have gotten posted if I didn't think of adding this bit about whether or not a Twitter makes sense.

Realistically I'd love a Jaiku connected to this account. But Google's taking their sweet time getting THAT all set up - ok so my impatience is unwarrented. But blah.


  1. :O

    Awww :) I feel spesho that you want to read my blogs :D

    I'm not on Twitter but ppl say I should be :o The little thoughts thing DOES sound convenient! :D

    And welcome to my LJ too! :D I hope it doesn't scare you off.. it's very personal and stuff :D

  2. Ami:

    My personal journal, currently on iJay's pretty personal too. So I'm not unused to the style :)

    And you often make very salient points. Plus y'know, cute DOOM!

  3. On the one hand it seems pretentious as all hell.


  4. Ragnell:

    Your twitter connects your comic blog to your real life. Mine would just be comic thoughts.