Thursday, April 17, 2008


BrownFemiPower has a final word to say to all those bullshitters and privilege blinded jackasses that miss the point completely.

I wanted to do a post about WOWIO.COM and all the lovely comics they have available. I have about 300 (not counting full series) potential free downloads (3 a day, no more than 30 a month, personal email address or 1cent credit/debit charge then refunded)

If you were interested in Dr. Saida Nri who was featured in TORCHBEARERS;they have ADRENALINE.

They also have FLARE, who reads to me like Dazzler meets WonderWoman and goes TOTALLY KICK ASS. And the concept of getting my greedy, happy, hands on her story cheered me immensely - until I realized people are STILL being stupid, ignorant, racist assholes all over the feminist blogsphere.

If anyone wants me, I'll be enjoying my free comics and reading up on Womanist Ideology, writers and forebearers.

I may want to change/d my feminism tag.

ETA: Some seriously brilliant words on how privilege and appropriation from the underprivileged disenfranchised/oppressed, devalues blogging as a legitimate intellectual enterprise.

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  1. Thank you for posting the link to bfp's post. I am very angry at X's actions and defensiveness and the actions of those who defend her and those like her and who dismiss WOCs' right to credit for their ideas. They're wrong. I hope that they get a clue and realize that and make amends and LEARN.