Thursday, April 24, 2008

Someone Is Wrong... (Anonymous Chicken Feather Remix)

Dear Anonymous Person who couldn't even sign with SOME sort of pseud,

I don't publish the comments of cowards.

I laugh at your attempt to switch things from my perspective of a pompous ass kisser picking on another blogger using a strawman argument that various other individuals saw through, to accusing "Real Women of behaving in a stereotypical manner for no real reason"

You also disgust me with comparing this whole scenario to Wonder Woman's murder of Max Lord and twisting your metaphor to make her an unreasoned killer.

You, like the person you're defending have missed the entire point. And you're right, YOUR feminist credentials do read like 'I have lots of black friends'.

ETA: [ Actually it's worse, it reads voyeuristically thus making you a patron of a minstrel show. Reading WFA is passive and as the linklist links pro and con doesn't actually establish anything more than a sound byte mentality towards gender issues.]

Not to mention the fact that you calling me a feminist shows you're clearly not paying attention.