Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long story short? I said fuck 'em

I have considered adding a Rules Of The Road type post and link to it in the sidebar. I have added a link to the 2006 "About Seeking Avalon" that used to be an easy find back when it was the guest book/sticky post on livejournal.

But what point is there in adding rules of interacting on my journal. The fact that comments are moderated says up front that I'm not allowing fools to have a say on my blogger. Journals are free, they can get their own.

And I seriously doubt anyone who gets into an argument to me, while flashing their privilege and condescension will have read ahead of time that three is my limit in fruitless communication. So I'll end up mentioning it as I cut off the then in present conversation; each and every time.

The journal has evolved since 2006. I can barely believe I'll have a fricking blogiversary in August. Two years even. Truth is I probably wouldn't have stayed if I hadn't began speaking up about the things that bothered me AND about the things I adore, in other "4 color" entertainment.

{ Oh Animation, my baby, you sleek seductive, beguiling thing you, all muscles and intellect and brilliant hues }

Where was I? Oh yeah, idiots & Seeking Avalon - I'm not going out of my way to tell them that water is wet, and coffee is hot and being an idiot, far less a privileged sexist ass, will lead to mocking and then a polite discontinuation of the conversation. And I think I've made it clear that I DO NOT DO RACISM 101. And that link is also in the sidebar, moved it up a bit too.



  1. :O

    My 2 year blogiversary is in November! :O

    Well at least for my comics blogs :D

    I agree with you tho :\ The ppl who are showing up to be disrespectful, to just flash their privilege and condescension badges and just to troll, are not going to be those who actually have read nething else you say (or prolly even what you said that they are responding to xD) and they're not rly interested in paying attention, being respectful or listening to any rules for the blog :(

    And yus, blogs are free, they can get their own and shout to the world from there how horrible ppl who moderate their comments are XD I never understand why ppl feel like every blog must be an open nationally broadcasted WWE match or something. >.>;;

    And.. yay Twitter! :D

  2. I like my rule list, but I'm an evil proto-lawyer, so having rules gives me an ego trip like you wouldn't believe. <3

    I think your comment moderation policy is pretty damn clear, myself.

    Also, I love the Racism 101 post. Watching you smack down that guy is like poetry in motion. :-)

  3. Kalinra:

    You mean girl. Mean! "Poetry in Motion"

    And now you inflate my head. :)

    Seriously though I was just pissed. Apparently the angrier I get, the more I merge my mother the Media Communications Major with my father the Lawyer and start busting heads verbally.

    Oh blessed fingers and all that :0

    Still. Thank you.



    Hopefully I'll remember to congratulate you in November.

    Also I seriously appreciate your analogy: "Open Nationally Broadcasted WWE Match" my blog is NOT.

    Thank you :)

    I saw someone concerning the round over Sonja and Mr. Anonymous Brett refer to me as "She shoots first and asks questions later"

    I think I need to to make my online icon a shotgun wielding Cowgirl. Where did you get yours?

  4. There's nothing wrong with shooting first, esp if you're dead on with your aim, and you are :D I think it'd suit you awesomely :D

    My icon? :O

    Oh.. I made it from a dress up doll game from :D

    ..which is apparently down right now :(

    I have a lot of fun with character creators and doll creators and stuff tho! xD

  5. Man, finding an image of a black woman with a gun is surprisingly hard with Google. Also going for "black cowgirl shotgun" with SafeSearch off brings up a lot of porn...

    I thought trying for grrl scouts might work. But I'd forgotten that Rita, the black team member was terrible with a gun...

    Even Frank Miller searches dissapoint. You'd think between Sin City and Martha Washington I'd be able to find SOMETHING...

    Lets try Misty Knight. I mean the character uses a gun regularly this should be easier..

  6. Ok Google Image, even with SafeSearch on to cut out porn, still sucks. Managed to find this site which has some decent Misty as Bad-ass pics in between the various "I'm Misty Knight and these are My Boobs"...

    Still no luck with Black Cowgirl with Shotgun. Maybe the world needs a female version of Posse...

  7. Lurker:

    Push comes to shove I can try and use photoshop on a cast shot from one of the women from Gang of Roses.

    I'm hoping there's a doll maker out there somewhere though that'll work.

  8. Did somebody say dollmaker!? :D

    When I get home tonite I'll look thru every dollmaker site I know to see if I can find one that works! :D

    Meez prolly has a cowboy theme too for a pose (but.. it's Meez >.>)