Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fuck Pandagon

Do not even speak to me about Pandagon and the appropriation of BFP's words re: Women and Immigration and Abuses.

Right now? I'm not happy at all with anyone who claims to be feminist and who is also white.

Cassie Edwards and Peg Seltzer have a new friend. Amanda Marcotte, plagiarist and WoC Voice Stealer.

ETA: Remembered there was an option to disallow comments. Leaving up the ones that got through first.

April 11 - ETA(5:29pm): Someone in comments in one of the many posts discussing this brought up BRING IT ON (the movie) as a possible remedial lesson for Amanda Marcotte in how appropriating from WoC will eventually lead to humiliation and epic fail.

It both made me smile and think of Chris Sims. It also reminded me that WoC bloggers are ALL Cheer Captains here.

Although, I do kind of want to "Beat these Buffys down"


  1. God, I'm sorry. That's horrible. I can't imagine the sheer gall it would take to steal so blatantly from someone else like that.

    It's obscene.

  2. Ok, so the "writer" listed basically stole the entire article? I thought it seemed familiar...

  3. I am too angry to get my thoughts together about this >:|

    I'm f-ing tired of white ppl and other privileged ppl thinking that they're the great heroes and not until THEY say it, does it matter, even it's not their words or their voice... >:O