Monday, April 28, 2008

Well this is awkward

It's late, I'm reading Hack/Slash and despite myself I'm liking it.


1) Not liking gore

2) Not having grown up liking slasher movies

3) The lonely black face per grouping (so far)

4) That Vlad, despite his name, brings to mind a combination of 'Magical Negro' and 'Strong Buck Protector' that makes me cringe.

I have obviously been suffering a serious lack of girls smacking monsters upside the head, cause damn it, I really like this. This is part of what I'd hoped LKH's Anita Blake would be - back before she had the comics, back before it was all SEX SEX SMEX ORGY.

So far I'm hooked on hutzpah and mythology - a good book will always get me if they make the mythology realistic.


  1. Isn't hack/slash the one that puts a girl in an actual Giant Cuisinart and blends her?

    Theres just a limit to how much gore I'm willing to deal with. Walking Dead passed it with the rape followed by "spoon revenge" issues. And hearing about the blender thing put me off hack/slash forever. Well that and not being a fan of the slasher sub-genre at all...

  2. Lurker:

    If there is a blender bit, I haven't gotten to it yet.

    I think what it is with me is that it's not realistic gore. It's funny death.

    Battle scenes and things like what happened to Tigra - that's reality. It's happened to real people. Or I've been in situations where I saw a gun pointed at some kid's head, or I saw some woman just have to take a beating. It's reality in escape fantasy and I go WTF.

    Your description actually made me want to get to that part because it sounds just so ridiculous.

    But yeah, I'm rethinking the tentative recc I gave to a friend who likes horror. This isn't horror/spooky/macabre. It's straight up MESS.

    If you don't have the weird mental issues that distance you from it, it's probably fucking disturbing.

    I'm really surprised at myself though, cause I couldn't watch this crap in a movie. It WOULD disturb me; horribly. One liners or no one liners I wouldn't be able to handle it. I wouldn't be giggling or looking for character arcs.

    PS: I was thinking all though this comment that it was because it's drawn and not live action. But I just remembered Marvel Zombies irks/irritates and disgusts me.

    So yeah, I don't know wtf is going on with my brain right now.

  3. Hey, Willow, I'll be very interested to hear your opinions on Hack/Slash - I've never read it, and I've heard raging arguments both ways as to the content and artistic merit.

    Also, I so rarely see chutzpah spelled "hutzpah," although I know that's an alternate spelling. :-D Girl, who taught you your Yiddishisms? Now I'm curious. (This isn't meant in an accusatory tone, I'm just always curious as to how non-Hebs learn to spell and use Yiddish.)

    BTW, my favorite Yiddish curse of all time: "May you back into a pitchfork and grab a hot stove for support." Oh, burn!

  4. Kali921:

    I think my Yiddishisms come more from me having grown up around NYC Jews. I have family members who did house work for various Jewish families and they picked things up.

    Then I spend some of my formative years growing up in Crown Heights in Brooklyn. And yeah, I was there during the riots. Came home from a vacation right in the middle, had to duck flying bottles to get into my building.

    I suppose someone could call on me for appropriating. But I don't know that much about Sephardims, even though that's my family history.

    "Hi Mom, I'm thinking of converting to Judiasm."

    "You're already Jewish. Pass the yams."

    Truthfully I don't even notice when the words come out though. Sort of like I didn't realize for years that certain Hindi and Amerindian words weren't English, when I was growing up.


    I'm throwing up a separate post as it was just getting LONG.