Thursday, May 1, 2008

ANOUNCEMENT: 9th PoC in SF Carnival!

Go see the Carnival!. Read! Be educated! Become aware!

There's an interplay between art and speculative fiction and how we, PoC, see ourselves vs how we are seen that makes me think thinky thoughts about that application in fiction.

There's also a history lesson about Bengali SciFi. BENGALI! If your mind is blown with yay, go find :)

There's also a footnote regarding the naming of selves from PoC to NWP and more across the Diaspora.

NB: I have had a problem using the term NW for individuals. I've discovered I'm more comfortable saying NWP - it feels less like I'm shouting some equivalent of n***** and more like I'm discussing a huge swathe of the earth's population. But I, like the current host, invite everyone to define themselves how they wish in comments to the Carnival

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