Monday, May 19, 2008

In which I rant about Bendis

So apparently Brian effing Michael Bendis is the seedpod and Frank Miller is the grown ass oak.

I'm reading Powers and I have no idea wtf to say other than Bendis has issues. Serious, serious, issues. Reading futher may spoil you and I never learned how to do Blogger's complicated as shite cut. [ the odd ways in which you miss livejournal / or lj clones ]





Did Bendis have any idea what he was playing into by making the Superheroes as Celebrity Team, Black folk who'd been experimented on by the government and who were considered expendable? Does he know what he did there? Is it supposed to be a commentary on everything from the Tuskegee Airmen to the sterilization of Latinas in the 50's? And more?

And then the Black folk get NO justice? We're supposed to be upset about the white police officer losing his job and getting his life messed up etc, and think he's all noble and shit. But when all is said and done, he gets his job back, and the Black folk are still dead, dead, dead.

Then the little brunette child gets powers that make her BLONDE?? WTF? She grows up blonde?  In order to be this epic legendary hero - there's blondness?

And speaking of legendary heroes What the Unholy FUCK was up with the apes? I flipped through that getting more and more pissed off. I mean, Proto-man discovers his great powers and destiny because he's fighting for some TAIL??? It's all about the fucking poontang who then dies? Talk about a fucking refrigerator.

I had to flip through the rest of that backstory shite where an evolved from an ape Whiteman (and yet it's funny how they don't get called porchmonkeys) goes somewhere in Asia to learn mystifcal fucking secrets cause y'know,that's what Asians are for; throw up the yellow poontang and teach you fu.  Though there's a convinient white girl there.

And Deena. I liked the whole 'touched by powers, will eventually get powers' angle. Except the guy she kills, it turns out NOT to be the jackhole who kidnapped her (yet another African Descended Villian btw) but some loser, stalker boyfriend who can't let her go and thus tries to kill her ass???!

Her big ass secret comes about because a moron stabs her in the back. A MORON. STABS HIS EX GIRLFRIEND, the COP, in the effing back.

I am not even getting into the fact that she doesn't arrest his ass the first time and write him up and have it on record. Because I will just spew cuss words for several paragraphs about that piece of shitty writing.

But now our heroine/protagonist has crossed a line, because a loser, fucking, coward stabs her in the back. And I think he called her a cunt while he did it.

Yeah, I think I should really believe that Bendis doesn't know wtf went wrong with Tigra, when this is the kind of shit he does on his fucking own.


  1. More than any other arc I didn't get his "Lets make the Fugees super-heroes than kill them". And that includes the monkeys...

    But the whole "Deena gets powers than goes extra-crazy" was about where I gave up on the book. That and the previous murder mystery being solved when you see that the Devil kills a super-hero team. For no reason what so ever. No wonder his buddy Quesada thought Mephisto was perfect for "fixing" Spider-Man...

  2. Lurker:

    I have it here in front of me and I'm cranky and grumpy and craving chocolate so I tried to flip through to see if got even crazier or not.

    And having officially reached the point where the new, spying for IA, partner is a Black Female (cause you know we Black Bitches are just untrustworthy but willing to play along in the name of promotion from a white woman). I mean the only thing this new partner hasn't done is shiv the main characters. She has pulled guns on them though. It's all a set up for her to be someone too wrapped up in herself and seeing dirty cops everywhere to know 'a good honest white man' when she sees one.

    Oh yeah, and then there's the 42+ dead white teenage girls; cause everyone freaks out and is horrified when little white girls go missing/get killed.

    "It's our children! Our babies!"

    And yes, in the morgue spread you don't see one little black or brown or golden child. Cause that's not this killer's type. He's a 42 and then some little white girl killer.


    As you might guess, I shan't be flipping past the porno sex scenes looking for plot sense any more. My curiousity about Deena * Callista is not fucking enough for this shit.

  3. PS to Lurker:

    Actually the Devil kills Superheroes actually made sense to me. Because I believed, along with the main guy, that it wasn't a real major demon in the first place.

    And Queen Noir making a magical deal with dark forces, which then possess her and eventually fuck up her life makes sense to me. A Faustian deal done Super-powers style isn't an awful idea.

    I even liked that they tell you at the beginning exactly what is going on. But then because she wants to live and doesn't want to believe her powers are that evil and out of control, Noir ends up responsible for more and more shit.

    I was mostly pissed off that said demon at times seem to be drawn like Kali-ma.