Saturday, May 24, 2008

Faces of Colour

The first was here

WOWIO.COM has turned me onto The Razor Kid. Another Asian super-hero. A teenager. And a hero who's difabled. (Differently abled is too damn long to type out, and disabled feels weird. Welcome to Willow's comic blog vocabulary).

Unlike Superhero G who started off Japanese, I'm unsure which Asian ethnicity Alexander Tanaka is. His surname seems Japanese, but right now I'm not assuming.

Alexander lives in a world where superheroes need certification to do their jobs. He didn't start off wanting to be a hero. He's a genius and he was intending to follow the flow of his own brilliance. Then he stumbled into a horrendous conspiracy that then cost him his arms and he found his heroism.

I am seriously wishing there was a Pay for Download digital format for this comic. Because I'd spend the money for each installment. I want to support this product, this character.

Put out by Ronin Studios, whenever #2 comes out it should be available at Indyplanet.Com and ComixPress.

Extra Babble

It's only one issue, with some backstory on the main site. But I'm really giddy about an Asian hero. I realize that the loss of the arms might seem skeezy to some. That some how the Asian man had to be hurt etc. Truthfully I only realized that perspective several days after my "OMG! Asian Hero Kid! Genius Smarts! OMG Difabled Kid Kicked ASS!"


  1. Oh wow... I just went over and read it and I love it! I don't want to be too detailed and spoil it for other people, but what I find especially important is how Alex isn't only treated as a valid person when he's wearing his cyber-arms, but also when he's not... that's such an important distinction in a world where often, people only get tolerated if they can do stuff that allows other people to pretend they are not dif- or dis-abled or do not have an invisible condition.

    Thank you so much for the rec! I'll look forward to talking with you about this series...

  2. Pandora: :)


    I'm glad you liked it and you can see why I liked it. His personality and how he expects to be treated and how he is treated and how he gets people to just see him - I absolutely loved it.

    I look forward to mad fannish analysis with you too :)

  3. :O

    That is an awesome comic :D Ty so much for talking about it. :] I rly love the characterization and the writing of his thoughts and feelings and everything :) He comes off as very real :)

    Yayyyy Alex!!! :D

  4. Oh man, I adore that comic too!
    I found it through DeviantArt

    I'd suggest taking a peek at the Razorkid account; there's a ton of extras in the gallery :)