Friday, May 2, 2008


Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow.

Even if I could find the energy to suss out where my Local Comic Book Store was - I wouldn't go limping around trying to find it tomorrow (yeah, knee problems, need to see an orthopedist), or trying to deal with people who'll be walking around cause it's warm and a Saturday and OMG free comics!

That's just a recipe for Willow to a) sit down and cry or b) start hitting people with the heaviest thing she can find.

To those of you that know me....

Alright, moving on.

I would very much welcome hearing about Maximum Ride (James Patterson) I read two of the books last summer and they didn't suck. I found myself thinking of Garth Nix like conspiracy with a touch of Xavier's School for Mutants. I'm interested that they're doing it manga style.

I would also welcome hearing about Project Superowers - as that looks interesting.

And lastly The Stranded. Scifi & Virgin Comics - will it be a version of The 4400? Which unfortunately I never finished watching last season - too much stress in my life for me to see characters do dumb shit.

I don't think I'll miss too much of Neoptopia as WOWIO has it, through to Volume 4, Issue 5. But as it's further down on my WOWIO queue, I wouldn't mind hearing about it either.

So all you need to do is drop me a comment to your reviews if it includes these and I'll shuffle on over and read about your squee.

And if you see anything not on the list that's all about the CoC (Characters of Colour) DO tell me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.


  1. I'm kinda sad that Virgin Comics is promoting their more generic sci-fi stuff rather than their much better Indian comics. Come oooooon, Buddha and The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma would have been perfect for FCBD! And India Authentic I think would appeal to a much wider audience than is currently aware of it, so again it would've been an ideal FCBD freebie...

    I scoured the FCBD list and could find virtually no characters of color. "Imaginary #1" boasts five superheroes, one of whom is named Aladdin, but I've never heard of them before so I have no idea how that's going to turn out... It could be potentially awesome or potentially very icky.

  2. blaster knuckle.
    three volumes of a black man punching faces (and making them explode) in the wild west.

  3. Elad:

    I've heard about Blaster Knuckle before - though I'm not quite sure when. It's already on my list of things to check out - Thank you for the reminder.


    I wanted feedback about CoC in the FCBD Comics, but it looks like there really weren't any and so people are referring me to CoC in other comics spread out among genres and styles.

    I just read a review of The Tall Tales of Bishnu Sharma - was it yours? Discussing The Monkey King as female, and the characters as read easily as Indian?

    It looks like something to check out even if there's only one major female character. Of course I'll need to review and re-read the Panchatantra. I think the last time I paid any attention to it, I was five and watching the Bollywood re-enactments on Sunday afternoon television; in which case it's hopelessly muddled with all the other re-enactments I saw then.

  4. Hehe yeah, that was my review. And yeah, I actually had to brush up on my Panchatantra when I tried to read the first issue, too. In fact, the first issue opens with a reference to a fairy tale about two swans and a frog that I'm still scratching my head over, because I don't quite recognize it.

    That's kind of cool, though. I think that the series is awesome specifically because it's introducing folk stories from outside the white mainstream cultural milieu to a wider audience. That, and the Monty Python jokes.