Thursday, May 15, 2008

PoC Carnival - erhm Street Fair!

When the People of Colour in SciFi and Fantasy Blog Carnival was started, I'd envisioned, along with essays and articles and links, that people would submit art (or links to art) so there would also be a visual component to the Carnival. I'd planned to call it; The Wanted Section. But that section never took off. It hasn't happened and the Carnival will soon be up to issue #10.

While that wasn't happening, I decided to aim for a Special Art Edition of the Carnival. I got into the habit of net surfing and searching looking for PoC Fantasy Art or looking to see us represented in Fantasy Art. I gathered several links. I keep stumbling across comics. But I haven't had the time lately to devote to a special edition. The list of possibilities gets longer and longer and the more I wait, the more I end up feeling guilty and ineffectual.

So I'm going to take the original plan, rename it (Faces of Colour, like the flickr feed on the blog site) and have it show up as I am inspired, on the PoC in SF blog itself.

These will be random entries, and may be quite short; just a single picture and a link or two paragraphs. But I would rather get these links and thoughts out and shared, than try to wrestle them into a single special issue Carnival that gets put out maybe twice a year, if at all.

I need to see this made visible now. I need to point out incredible artists.

So please look out here, because coming soon will be the first Faces of Colour.

... I'd post something right now. But I hadn't actually planned to use the PoC Carnival Blog quite so soon. And well, I seriously need to change or brighten up that layout. So for the next couple of hours at least, I need to hunt for a preset template.

If you have any suggestions on where I might find some. Please, feel free to comment.

Ok auto-saved at 8:58pm. It's way past midnight now and I didn't get any template searching down. Long story. Feeling less insane now. Posting this anyway.

ETA: First one's up.

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