Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some days...

To anyone wandering in here via Racialicious, I'm currently dealing with an unexpected blow up somewhere else on the net and may not get through to publish your comments or respond for a little while.

The other upset involves a Harry Potter journal RPG that decided to call itself Kristallnacht.

Right now the cluelessness or not of popular authors and other women looked up to in the femiblogsphere, fall far, far down on the list of disappointments and crushingly painful, rage causing privilege.

I'll be back once I've weathered this thing out. In the meantime if you've got something to say about the previously mentioned author and her gender and/or race issues, please keep to that specifically. I will already be upset when I come to moderate your comments. I would prefer not to find comments that boil down to 'that bitch / she's a bitch'.

Pre-emptive: My blog is not a mud wrestling ring, for cat fights among women to the amusement of all. It's not here for cock fights either.