Monday, May 21, 2007

50 Things I Love About SUPERHERO COMICS (meme)

50 Things I Love About SUPERHERO COMICS

1) Batman - A character who turned his personal tragedy into a need to protect others from having to go through the same thing? I've been loving on him since I was 4 yrs old.

2) Gotham - Dark, broody, grim, with many tiny specks of light.

3) Batman / Deathblow - The Artwork & Story

4) The World's Finest - The depths of friendship and just plain love between two seeming oppsite larger than life characters; Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Emperor Joker, etc

5) Unexpected team ups like in Marvel/DC crossovers where Captain America meets Batman and they size each other up in moments and slight body movements and then decide to listen to each other and fix the real problem.

6) Getting to watch Kevin Smith and Neil Gaiman fanboy and create canon.

7) Girls in white costumes kicking ass (Dazzler, Dagger, Captain Marvel aka Monica Rambeau, PowerGirl)

8) Busiek's Jack in the Box - He's black, he fights crime, he ties criminals up with super silly string!

9) Eric Lensherr - Father, Comrade, Leader, Sneaky son-of-a-Gun, Guy Who Reduces Sentinels To Pools of Metal Uselessness.

10) BKV's Runaways

11) The concepts of Sorcerer Supreme and Dr. Fate - Fighting supernatural battles against chaos for the forces of order that no one else even knows is going on.

12) The fact that alternate universes, time-space warps, aliens, magical spells that rip into reality, avenging ghosts, hell, demons, fallen angels, atheist heroes, gods from myth, and body switching can all play a part in the same universe sometimes even the same city.

13) The fact that Lucifer quit hell and opened a Club.

14) "Bub"

15) The fact that a seeming pastiche/homage character (like Samaritan) can make you fall in love with the inspiration character (like Superman) and suddenly see him with all new eyes.

16) Every time Superman goes "Actually, I've been holding back. But I don't need to - you can take the damage." And then proceeds to punch someone through three buildings, a stadium and a random empty lot of grass - with one hit.

17) People with shadow powers who fight on the side of good.

18) Nightcrawler

19) The Hiketeia - Getting to see Wonder Woman whup my beloved Batman while showing her true differences compared to modern mortals.

20) Thinking you've found everyone you could like in one universe only to be introduced to yet another. In my case Booster Gold & Blue Beetle.

21) The unique mix of tragedy, comedy, drama, love story, family complications and team building that goes along with saving the city/world/universe

22) Gotham Central

23) Ed Brubaker's Catwoman (Getting to cheer for a thief)

24) Greg Rucka & Wonder Woman being like peanutbutter and chocolate

25) Invincible - Even though I wish I could see something as wonderful as this played out with a girl in the title role, it doesn't make it any less wonderful.

26) Discovering John Constantine, his life, his work, his varied adventures, failed relationships and personal grit.

27) Scott Summers

28) The fact that Barbara Gordon got more interesting, productive and far reaching to me as Oracle.

29) Crazy fucked up story-lines about falling in love with the bad guys.

30) Women with power hammers; Barda, Hawgirl

31) Women who smash

32) Atlantis being the biggest region in the world.

33) Harleen Quinzel

34) Pamela Isely

35) Venom Kisses

36) Wind Powers

37) Gypsy Moth

38) Helena Wayne - Huntress

39) The Morlocks

40) Radioactive spider-bites, magical amulets, soul binding jewelry, helmets, gamma radiation, funky blood transfusions, a mutant gene, nana-technology, time travel and other implausible causes of super powers.

41) League of Assassins

42) Luck Powers (Hmm Longshot, Domino, Shattershot)

43) Mojoworld

44) Elseworlds, WhatIf's, AU's

45) Alfred Pennyworth

46) The fact that DC's main continuity verse led to Paul Dini's Toonverse!

47) The possibility that with 52 dimensions now, PowerGirl might get to revisit her original universe. (And meet up with her best friend #38!)

48) Wakanda - It's hokey and occasionally offensive and when not offensive dismissed. But it's still an African State that's one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

49) Spandex/Gortex costumes are cool and colorful and may be worn with a leather trenchcoat.

50) Kung Fu as a Superpower - thus carrying my love of the Kung Fu Flick into a something I can read.

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