Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mary Jane Watson

SludgeSuckerOf The Deep: I thought that MJ was hot in the Spiderman series, but now that she's a figurine and completely slutty: I'm diggin' it even more :-D

RandomPerhapsNotEnitrelyUselessGuy: The proportions are all screwed up. Nobody, but nobody has a waist that thin and tits that size. I'd be too busy wondering about her eating disorders to get a hard-on.

SludgeSuckerOf The Deep: I could care less about proportions. It's something about the red hair and the fact she's cleaning bent over...

Me: Y'know, there's something called porn, and something called the internet and something called a credit card. You should look into those. And possibly aloe vera wet wipes to clean up all your spills.

SludgeSuckerOf The Deep: Is this before or after your mother's face becomes a reservoir for my "deposit"? I don't need those things because I have a g/f. I was merely saying that I thought the figurine was hot. Nothing more or less. You sound like you could use some porn or a good proctologist to remove the penis from your rectum. Do you hear that? It's the fun being sucked out of the room. Don't rain on other people's parades because you're not happy with yourself.

Me: Wow, hostility with violent sexual innuendo. Well I feel myself all turned around from a stirring and articulate statement.

"I have a g/f"
May you and Seven of Nine have a long happy life together.


The original poster - RandomPerhapsNotEnitrelyUselessGuy: had ended his post with

"RandomPerhapsNotEnitrelyUselessGuy:is mostly angry about this because it means less chance of meeting a hot and intelligent girl in a comic book shop. If said hot and intelligent girl does show up, she'll just be pissed off, so what's the point?"

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have responded the way I did. But now I find myself wondering if any woman should ever walk into his comic shop without a taser, an attack dog and and a very comfortable semi-automatic.

Why is it the guys who find statues of fictional women 'hot' and appropriately 'wood causing' are inarticulate slimey little fucktards who sound so women hating you find yourself frightened for their grandmothers?

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