Friday, February 29, 2008

8th PoC in SF Carnival

The 8th people!

You have no idea how much squee and joy this brings me. This month's Carnival is about dialogue between PoC. Intra-Racial Dialogue; What Lies Between Us is up at LadyJax at Livejournal.

Kali921, now would be a good time to bring out that promo post you lost from last month, update it some and swing it round and 'round.

This 8th Carnival has PoC discussing being PoC and SF fans. It's a lot of Meta, a lot of thinking. And while it may no longer be filled with conversations you (general) knew nothing about - given that discussions on race and SF and fans seems to be happening more and more - it is a perspective that's internal and unique.

Go, read.

I'll be back later to update the archives.

[ Still looking for a HOST for March = Contact Me ]

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  1. Willow, will do! I'll put one up sometime over the next couple of days. I have SO many links to feature in said post that I'm starting to work on the massive amounts of HTML now. :-)

    Thanks, as always, for putting up the Carnival info. Much appreciated!