Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back From Vacation!

I went to Boston Anime and then spent a week in the city. I'm back now playing catch up on everything from comments to 'I can't believe they did that'. The latter by the way would be much more fun if they didn't keep doing things that should be implausible, impossible and dreadfully fantastic (in the sense of fantasy - unicorns and rainbow fairies)

Is there something I should absolutely not miss? Cause I doubt I'm getting through 500 unread messages/posts anytime soon.

For those looking for information on March's Carnival - It's going to be a late Art Edition right here @ Seeking Avalon.


  1. Ragnell's Sin City parody was pretty damn amusing...

  2. You should def read my latest review and post in my rants blog ;)


    *hugs* Welcome back! :D