Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Someone On The Internet (blah blah blah - Pt 3)


Maybe this isn't the right time to bring up my Feminist credentials. The thing of it is - given my track record - I didn't think I HAD to bring up my Feminist credentials in my original post and the only reason I did so here is because

a) I've never spoken with you before and you don't know me.
b) you obviously hadn't read any of my other pro-feminist work.

I'd always assumed that the people who said there were some female comic book fans who couldn't be reasoned with were idiots. But by your own words ("But you had individuals willing to talk to you, to point things out. I'm not one of them, but they did exist.") you have proven them right.

You have admitted that you have no intention of hearing me out or of trying to talk with me on a reasonable level.

As you say, I tried explaining myself to Kali and Ragnell. I offered to send Kali a copy of a Red Sonja issue I thought was good since she said she enjoyed the movie and wanted to like the character concept. She declined. And that's fine.

Ragnell said she disagreed with me on my belief that Mallet was manipulatory. I stuck to my guns and she respectfully said she didn't want to talk about it anymore. That's fine. I'll still read her blog and enjoy their work even if they no longer feel like talking to me.

You think I'm a caveman and you know what - that's fine too. You can go back to ignoring me and I'll go back to my blog and stop bothering you.

Because I know who I am. My readers know who I am. And they know that your assumptions about me are untrue.


Here's the thing before we all go to our respective corners.

I don't care about what your readers think of you. I care that my introduction to you was you behaving in a certain manner and my continued interaction with you is you not owning up and taking ownership of your actions.

* It doesn't matter if every other night that Bob drives he's sober, if I meet him when he's driving drunk.

* It doesn't matter if every other time Bob has faced disappointment, he's owned it, if when I meet him he's all 'fucking N*******'

* It doesn't matter if every other time Bob dated a girl, he respected the word no, if when I meet him, he's just left some girl passed out, underwear around her ankles, sperm down her legs in the corner of the party.

* It doesn't matter if every other night Bob's shouted but never hit his wife, partner or child, if when I meet him, their cheeks and skin show red and bruises.

The point is when I met you, you were acting like an ass. You made this big hue and cry claiming something had happened that clearly hadn't. Then when your strawman argument was pointed out, you polished your feminist cred and tried to show me your shiny badge. When that didn't work, you've decided to call me an unreasonable female.

None of your actions so far have said to me that ANYTHING you did in the past wasn't but so much bullshit, hot air and a clammering for attention and some sort of free pass in gender issues.

Kalinara and Ragnell know you and took the time to go over to your journal and discuss things with you. I didn't set foot in your journal. I had no wish to talk to you in any attempt to tease out what you really meant or understand you better. I, from the start, have had no investment in you and you've given me no reason to want one.

I never promised you a rose garden. I never claimed to give you a clean or clear slate to convince me of anything. I responded to your point of view with my own. I said I thought you were wrong. No one I respect, via their words and actions, has disagreed with me.

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