Monday, September 1, 2008

My Money + Conventions = Nuh Uh!

It's not just sexual harassment / general harassment policies CON's need to have. It's an awareness of how to cater to attendees as more than walking wallets! In this case the customer being crapped on was one with disabilities.

Customer Service? What's That?

Firerose's experience at DragonCon, caused by their recommended wheelchair company; ScootAround.Com. She does state that the Con's disability staff members were helpful but none of that helped the fact she got cheated out of money and ended up in so much pain she had to pay money to leave early and go home.

I'm curious about the set-up wherein a CON recommends a service as important as wheelchair service but a) doesn't have a backup to ensure people who paid money will enjoy themselves no matter what and b) didn't block rent a batch of wheelchairs themselves so said company would be dealing with an organization/business instead of having individual con goers who need assistance in the first place, stressed out, in pain, cheated and insulted.

Does Dragon Con intend for me to walk away from FireRose's account believing that THEY think disabled con goers should fend for themselves and they are under no moral or ethical imperative to insure a pleasant and as frictionless venue for ALL paying con goers regardless of ability?

Seriously the fact that she ended up using a hotel chair, however briefly, and that said chair was a wreck only serves to let me know exactly how much Dragon Con's Organization didn't really give a damn about disabled patrons. Because this is the venue they chose as well.

Anti-women, pro-harassment and now anti-disability. Yeah, I'm really going to any convention soon. Not!

Question: Any notes on how one contacts the BBB on someone's behalf? Personally I think DragonCon should register the complaint against ScooterFucks as one business about another. But I've yet to be impressed with convention organizers.

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