Friday, May 22, 2009

The Further Failing of Avatar

Just go here to see how USA TODAY phrases things as the white boy 'already had the look of Aang' and the brown one is the 'bad guy' - actual words used.

There are requests to email USA Today @ Racebending.Com:

"Send comments to Include name, phone number, city and state for verification."
They prefer articles with 250 words or less. Jumping off ideas:

* The wording of using the "look of Aang"
* Good guy/bad guy coding in the article
* No mention of racefail casting practices
* The production's missteps, including culturally ignorant statements made by the cast and crew

If you have to forks, please follow through. I'm hoping to have the forks tomorrow. Today? Well it got worn out by the book I read. I also want/need to research ways to support American and Canadian Indie Asian Cinema Projects.

* Colorblindness Hurts.

* It's privilege to live life without context, thus making the default white.

* Hollywood (like the majority of the SciFi industry) only cares about white people.