Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Question & Observations

The Question: When did Monica Rambeau become Photon again? I may have asked this before but likely no one answered. I remember she gave up Captain Marvel, to a Marvel guy. And she gave up Photon to another guy.

So did that second guy croak and Monica scooped back up her second codename?

Cause I had no idea why male Photon was supposed to be part of Marvel Divas and then I found out it wasn't that Marvel was throwing a flamboyant gay man in there with a bunch of female characters, they were just throwing a different kind of token - the black chick.

Personal Note: I would so love to see Monica and Misty team up together and FIGHT CRIME. Two hot, fierce, powerhouse black women. One enormously satisfying ass beat down. No waiting.

*sighs - ponders fanfic*

In the Observation news: Wowio Parent Company, Platinum Publishing Can. Not. Pay. Their. Rent. Misfiles comics creator is just never going to get his money, since Platinum was dealing with 30k a month for 12,400 Square Feet of office space.

Also, they seem to spend a lot of money dealing with legal issues, several lawsuits against them and threatening journalists in their spare time.

Why people keep acting like providing the public with digital comics they can download and move between various devices is like trying to build a low orbiting space station around Venus - I'll never know. I do know it's not rocket science though.

In personal news - My life's currently exploding in slow motion, 0.0001 frames a minute. And I'm just waiting for the aftermath so I can pick myself up. Ugh.

ETA: If Wowio wasn't bought with money, btw, but instead was bought with shares in Platinum, did the people who sold Wowio actually make any money? Or did they just stop leaking debt?


  1. I think Monica is in "Black Panther" now as well. Maybe? I'd check but that would mean looking at Hudlin's book and he's such a bad writer...

  2. Well, you know, Marvel had it's BS Panther/Storm crossover and that's "more than enough POC teamups"...

    The ways in which mainstream media idealizes POCs as tokens, isolated and non-interactive with each other, devoid of family, friends, ties or anything humanizing other than friendship, romance or service to white characters and the ways in which society tries it's damn best to mirror that...