Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Chromatic Fans Of A:TLA

An image of the manga versions of the movie versions of Avatar:The Last Airbender. Everyone's white.

Paramount's Money Maker's Say; Ha ha! Eff. You.

Those of you who're fans of the Animated Series; who know, knew and believe 'Aang Can STAY Asian & Still Save The World' - you can count off all the WRONG.

Oh Whiteonia, Whiteonia, land of palest skin
Whiteonia, Whitetonia, be fair so you can win
Represented everywhere, always with a bright blonde hair
Stands Forever Tall
Represented everywhere, stealing stories without care
Whitetonia claims it ALL

ETA: Yes, I know they code one way to those who don't think all of manga and amine is white. But they're STILL not the characters, and the darkest of them are definitely no longer dark.