Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pop Culture World In 2010

Am.nd. P.lm.r and W.ll.m

Separated at Birth?


It's my birthday month and I've been trying to spend it in the mellow, but then white people just have to prostrate themselves and shove a camera right up their backsides so the world can see their true ickiness.

The same way I lost all respect for Emma Bull (though in truth she said somethings herself) is the way I'm now, Neil Gaiman - really? This is who you're attracted to and love? This is whose love will undoubtedly have an affect on your future works? This is who you like?

This racist, ablist, attention whoreslut (and yes, I said it, ATTENTION SLUT - As in someone attention promiscuous, having no regard, discretion or discrimination when it comes to how she receives attention; slovenly and of loose character as long as there is some form of attention (fawning or diatribes) being paid to her. A person who lacks the ability or chooses not to exercise a power of discernment to order their affairs with no regard to the cares, concerns or emotions of others.)

Wow, Neil Gaiman - that's what you find attractive? And yeah, I am focusing on Gaiman as a writer of works I have adored. Never listened to P.lm.r and hardly ever likely to now. My shock is all about what her behavior says about the people in her life - y'know, like when people look at a person and go 'Wow, her mother taught her NO manners'.

Then again I suppose manners and 'edgy' pop-stardom don't go hand in hand?

And for the record, no, I don't think someone can be a really nice and sweet person who just somehow becomes an enormous jerkwad online. Because the little old ladies who made sandwhiches and lemonade for lynchings - they claimed to be nice and sweet too - unless it had to do with black people, who in their eyes weren't really people. And the sweet, frat boys who see nothing wrong with raping drunk or drugged girls? Aren't really salt of the earth. And the upstanding community pillar who molests small children? Not really a role model.

You can't be nice and sweet and dehumanizing at the same time.

It doesn't work that way.

ETA: PS - Jim Butcher. Keep keeping your mouth shut and being all private. Thank you, sincerely!

ETA2: Comment made wherein I admit slut's a jerky word to use.