Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ami's Rant

The link's been changed in Dear Feminisphere, PUT ON SOME DAMN PANTS . But here too is a link to Ami's Rant On: My sexuality, gender identity and ethnicity are NOT accessories that come with the Ami doll! >:|

Or as Ami and I have said in comments here on Seeking Avalon, non white peoples, non cisgendered peoples, non abled bodied, non heterosexual peoples DO NOT WANT to be white, able bodied, hetero and cisgendered deep down inside.

We are not Mr. & Mrs Potato Head Figures, with our ethnicity, sexuality, gender and functionality clipped and pasted on, ala plastic lips and hair.


  1. Yay :D Ty for linking me! :D

    I also forgot to give you credit for the Potato Head analogy which is now fixed since it was so brilliant it's stuck with me :D

  2. Ami:

    Pshhh, thank you but not necessary. It did come about from our conversation. We both contributed.

  3. Thanks for making the post viewable, both of you.