Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just Call Me Big 'Low - That is Heidi Schnakenberg's blog is now readable by invitation only.

Wow don't I feel dangerous and threatening with my bad WoC Self.

Well Spoken Blacks - We're Gonna Get You!


I guess we know now why a certain 'Becky' can't dare risk signing on with an actual email or a link to her blog. Well Spoken Asians might Get Her!

WWS - Now In New Ultra Conservative Fear Flavour!

I feel like I need a cane, or at least more muscles and a white suit like movieverse Kingpin.

But why can't I have this kind of influence on comics creato - oh, yeah, I'm not going anywhere near the filthpool boards they swim in; smells like old gym socks.

ETA: Apparently a scary well spoken black woman just can't win. Schnakenberg is back. No cane, no theme music, no high tech toaster for me. Damn it. I am so behind in my scary, black person creds.


  1. Delux:

    I can't believe this! She just doesn't want me to get that high tech toaster. I swear! She is agitating against me and Toast!

  2. I wonder why she did that and then undid it o_o;; Did she post something there briefly for some ppl to read then take it down or something or was it just an error? :\

  3. Ami:

    Considering what she didn't mind folk seeing - that's seriously scary, her possibly having something to post that she didn't want other people to see. Y'think she paid attention to the William Sanders scandal and figured she best make sure for a little bit that it was only between her and other white people?

  4. Maybe you need a voodoo mask to scare people and get your toaster?

    No! Scary ghost astronaut! Scooby Doo got chased by one of those right?