Monday, July 7, 2008

PoC Comments Only

If you're on Livejournal, you may want to go to admin console and input this list:

ban_set 304_pinkkiller
ban_set ____kungfukym
ban_set __knoxville891
ban_set _white_trash_
ban_set aballard23
ban_set amazinggoatgirl
ban_set american_midol
ban_set angelwings01
ban_set arielost
ban_set blasphemusfish
ban_set blue_marker
ban_set now_bionic
ban_set oncolgist
ban_set oobugletteoo
ban_set overandoverture
ban_set paradoxx181
ban_set pishu_x
ban_set pulmonary_blue
ban_set redmeatmolly
ban_set regionalradical
ban_set shotgun_blast
ban_set simplypeace
ban_set siriusblueyes
ban_set smillee
ban_set snowowl
ban_set soapboxrhetoric
ban_set stucking_foned
ban_set tres_faux
ban_set twentyfours
ban_set uniquelyevil
ban_set vegaseddie
ban_set wvusublime
ban_set zombie_poison

Then press execute.

There, you've just banned from your journal the latest round of idiots who feel like tossing the N-word around, with macros in order to tell people to lighten up and stop being sanctimonious. Cause they have PoC friends and that excuses everything.

You may want to pay particular attention to now_bionic who went and started a community. wtf_racist where she or he is advocating inbox harassment.

Why the sudden outpouring of ... whatever the gut wound that is? Stupidity? Racisim? Stupid racism? Dumb White Shit? I have no clue. It started with a fish and then sank into calling individuals who left because of what was happening "gay homosexual"s.

It's almost as if someone finds it funny to play comment insults. Seriously, people who think throwing around words like fag and n***** only offends 'Sanctimonius white people'? (and left unspoken 'Uppity Negroes')...

I have no words for you. No actually I do have words. But they boil down to 'may you be eaten alive by fire ants and die several hours later'. I'm trying not to use fuck as a swear word anymore. It's stupid. Fucking is fun when it's consensual, why the hell would I wish them pleasure? Or lower myself to wish them violation? Nahh, eat shit and die works better, as well as 'die with fire ants swarming out your eyes and anus'.

tetrabinary: Also..."People of Color" isn't the PC term we use anymore. As a matter of fact, it was said by Malcolm X, MLK and Farrakhan that the term "colored" is considered insulting...but I'm sure you already knew that.

Fact is, I know more about the civil rights movement and racism than you could ever hope to know, I specialized in it as a sociology major

Yes, you invoke Malcolm X and MLK and Farrakhan in the same sentence, despite Malcom's views later in life and MLK's public views for most of his life and you majored in sociology. This makes you an expert. This makes you An enlightened white dude and to hell with privilege.

Just... I've seen bloggers try to explain the shit PoC deal with day in day out. I've mentioned unpacking the backpack. I've pointed out Tim Wise. And seriously. SERIOUSLY? At the end of the bloody day....

Listen, if you're white, and on lj, copy the damn list but don't even bother to comment. I need to not hate you pale faces on sight before I interact again. Just not fucking loathe you and all your history and backstabbing and stepping on the back of, raping of women and children, de-humanizing, dragging bodies behind your fucking cars, spitting on people in public, pale ass dog fucking selves again.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. If you really had a clue, really had a fucking clue you'd fucking treasure your real POC friends cause you'd guess how much it takes not to spit in every drink handed over and imagine -you- lynched for saying dumb ass shit and expecting to be forgiven because 'ooops, but I'm white'.

G'damn but there must be a scent that the rest of us just get used to with all that festering in your souls and dna.


  1. Thanks for the list, Willow - I put it to immediate good use.

    ...What in Devi's daylilies is going on? Wait, don't answer that, you're probably tired of explaining it all. Are these people out in full force in a clusterviolation of idiocy?

  2. The admin console link is broken. Also sorry to hear people are..well people. Also that one of them bizarrely decided to steal Ami's name...

  3. :O Racist Angelwings!? >:|


    This is all so awful awful awful! >:| Esp like all this "well it doesn't offend me, so therefore ppl are just TOO stuck up!" crap >:O And the "well I'm a smart white person with degrees in X Y Z, so I know better than you silly non white ppl what you should refer to yourselves as" >:| I mean UGH, can they not SEE their privilege!?

    And I'm getting SO SICK of the "I have friends who are XYZ so I can't be..." thing >:|

  4. Thanks for the heads up. And to the last three or so paragraphs: Word.