Thursday, July 3, 2008

SA Comments - Not Moving

About a month ago I began researching alternatives to blogger's in house comment system and I came across Disqus. I made some pithy remarks that Livejournal was becoming less special now that bloggers could find away to create the same kind of community feel.

But before I use almost anything, I read the TOS and Privacy Policies first to make a decision about whether or not I want to take the risk. So I emailed Disqus and asked if I was somehow missing the links to their TOS and Privacy Policy. One of the owner/creators emailed me back and said it would be 'coming soon' and gave me a link to their general FAQ.

Their easily found general FAQ which I'd already scoured.

But no worries, right? I could wait a bit. They seemed on the ball so putting up their polices was bound to happen.

Tonight I emailed Daniel Ha again, because I haven't seen on the Disquss blog, any mentioned of a TOS or Privacy Policy. Each new feature gets a blog post, but there's no mention of a TOS or PP. Do note their competitors; Intense Debate(?), Haloscan, Sez Who, FriendFeed all have a TOS and Privacy Policy.

A little while ago I got back a reply to my second query which mentions that without a TOS or PP I'm researching other/alternative systems for my needs.

Daniel Ha's response: Good Luck

I was excited about this product and really I just wanted to cross my t's and dot my i's and be aware before signing on. Now given my personality I will likely never use this service. And the email goes into my 'idiots and jackasses' folder.

Why do people have to get in their own way ?

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  1. Wow.. what amazing PR. :O

    Srsly... that's sketchy.. and his response was like.. so classy >:\