Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The person who invents 'Shoot Whitey' as a video game will make a shitload of money.*

I shouldn't have pressed the link to the Asimov forum. I stumbled right into the phrase I hate the most.

"standard issue example of political correctness run amok"

If there was anything that'd make me pull a gun (I do not own) and pop a cap in someone's ass....actually that wouldn't be satisfying enough. A tranquilizer dart and as many hours as I needed to painfully instruct them as to their wrong thinking is likely the only thing that would soothe me.

I hate this phrase. It's bullshit.

It's an idiot's excuse to be bigoted, biased and prejudiced.

Treating human beings, thinking of them and responding to them and their lives with respect and a sense of equality has been reduced to doing what's politically viable in modern times. As if anti-racism (or anti-homophobia/transphobia/religious tolerance) were a damn lobbyist group(s) to be appeased if they throw enough money.

Being offended at something, even being hurt by it, is minimized with a glib, empty. "Oh that's just taking political correctness too far." aka "You're going all OCD about appeasing the non whites/freaks. Silly ninnny. Don't expect me to stress out that much over folks who don't look/act/pray like me."

And if you happen to be one of the 'Other', being upset and angry about it is over-reacting; "Can't you take a joke? I didn't mean any offense by it. They're just words." Because don't those people get upset about nothing, they should be grateful we're not still whipping them, bombing them, or putting them into camps.

People who open their mouths, or type out their thoughts online and communicate the concept of political correctness going out of control - I immediately identify as not being worth my time. There's not even a way to breed that level of stupidity out. You just have to wait for the idiots to die and their seed to be stamped out forever.

This means of course my torture fantasies about painfully making them get the point, are really all about me getting to hurt, humiliate and dehumanize them. It's revenge fantasy because sometimes you need the middle road instead of the higher one. And no, I'm not taking any requests to dominate submissive white men and call them little piggy worm nothings. Cause that's still all about them and my world's too full of their wants and needs and influence sprawled everywhere like a fart on the world that never airs out.

[* Yes I'm aware my title is inflammatory. I did say sometimes I need to take the middle ground instead of the high.]


  1. Oh my effing pink unicorn I hate that phrase. That, and "you people are just looking for something to complain about." 'Cause you know what? It's the most goddamn politically correct thing in the world to use xenophobia to manipulate people: hatred of queers, POC, immigrants etc. has fueled more political campaigns than I can count.

  2. Also that the whole "PC" thing is an excuse never to change, never to think, never to care about other ppl, never to grow or mature. And that there is no real oppression anywhere, that their words do not enforce that oppression, that they can't be racist or sexist or transphobic or homophobic, etc etc, it's just PC that's making it seem that way. And it must be opposed b/c things are FINE from their standpoint tyvm, and since they are the objective ones, you're clearly being too sensitive and "PC". >:\

  3. Ami:

    And it must be opposed b/c things are FINE from their standpoint tyvm, and since they are the objective ones, you're clearly being too sensitive and "PC".

    AND as one Anonymous idiot added, whose comment got caught in modederation, "It's thought control and it changed language by removing words."

    Yeah, apparently no one has explained to this idiot that languages change, it's what they do. Languaged that don't change DIE.



    You are so not wrong about the fear mongering it makes me want to stab something, cause I refuse to cry.

  4. "The person who invents 'Shoot Whitey' as a video game will make a shitload of money."

    Grand Theft Auto.

  5. That GTA bit was me.

    -Onion, who forgot to sign his name.

  6. Yus exactly! They act as if language is immutable, that change is ruining a world that is "perfect" (and exists just for them and ppl like them of course). >:\

  7. "It's thought control..."

    That gutter scum used phrase brings so much inner anger to me to no end.


  8. It's amazing how whenever anyone would like underrepresented views, like actually treating most of humanity with respect and dignity and not fourth class non-citizens to be mocked/sexualized/feared for the entertainment of the few is somehow censorship and thought control.