Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who's Been Eating The Tainted Rye?

There's more William Sanders PROVES HE LIVES TO BE A JACKASS over at the ever classy and gracious Tobias Buckell and clicking to the very next post there shows links to Sanders' decision to charge writers who no longer wish to be associated with him and his magazine.

And then there's the New Yorker and WTF ever they were smoking when they published this:

I'm tired. I'm really tired right now. It may be a good thing that the whole world's gone mad and decided to show us who is who by them all frothing at the mouth and doing other things to show their level of madness (cause surely such levels of stupidity and bigogtry and racism have to be as un-yet denoted mental illness). No, madness, mental illness is a disease. These people make choices. They consciously decide to be this way or do these things.

But I am tired. It's a lot all at once and it feels like the best solution is to line some individuals up against a wall. Except I'm aware that this is a symptom of the very wrong choice group they continually make. So I just need a rest.

I just need a rest.

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  1. *hugs* i know how you feel :( it seems like everything is just so much to deal with and just coming and coming :(

    Also Sanders is SO CLASSY >.>;; I guess he figures if he keeps digging, eventually he'll find a way out of that hole xD

    And that cover is so ridic idiotic >:\