Friday, March 2, 2007

And here I was thinking he was hitting on her SLEAZE STYLE

You know that thing with Reed Richards that everyone's talking about re: Civil War 7?

"I saw you during the cleanup, but felt it was inappropriate to discuss our future while our adrenal glands might still impair our judgement in romantic matters.

You looked so beautiful. So vibrant and clear-eyed. I cried for a full ninety-three minutes when I returned home that night.

Some people have mentioned they thought it hokey and jokey and unbelievable and as if the writer was trying to present Reed as this great intellectual, tongue tied and unable to use mere two syllable words.

But my first impression?

"Hey babe. I saw you when we were fixing things and I wanted to nail you hard. You looked so sexy. Just like I remembered. But hey, just cause I like you sweaty and I know you like me sweaty didn't mean we had to do it right then. People died, right? So I went home and for 93 minutes - Kapow babe. Me and my hand and our wedding night pictures/and the lab's surveillance tapes. See how much I'm respecting your space? "

Nerdish-Nebbish SLEAZE STYLE.

But hey, maybe it's my fault for knowing that one of the ways people come down after being terrified and/or fighting for their lives is life affirming sex and reading into 'adrenal glands' and 'romantic situation'.

ETA: And now for some reason I begin to associate Reed Richards with these lyrics

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