Monday, March 12, 2007

My birthday was March the 10th. It was lovely.

I wanted to get myself Top 10 for my birthday; the whole bunch from 2-onwards. But then I realized how much that would all add up to (I'll be moving soon so every red cent counts). If I hadn't decided a grown up meal was more fitting for the occasiona, I think very much that I could havehappily bought most of them sight unseen. But I figured I could at the very least borrow them from the library to see how they were.

Top 10: Vol 2
Top 10: The Forty Niners

But I got to reviews about 'The Farthest Precinct' and had to stop. Apparently Alan Moore turned his creation over to someone else?

I like Alan Moore. I know it's seemed unpopular to like him, recently - that whole thing with Lost Girls. (Oh he's raping our childhoods!). But from the scans I've seen, I didn't like the art. And I also didn't think it was the first time anyone fantasized about doing Wendy or Alice in Wonderland so I have mostly just been skimming the news.

I like Alan Moore. I like what I've seen of how he does Superhero worlds. The stir all made me think 'He's not Frank Miller'. And y'know, I read Sin City and didn't see 'Whores & Madonnas'. I saw Noir meets Superheros. It was All Star Batman and Robin which made me go 'What the frog fucking fuck?'.

But back to Moore. It's heady. I got Top 10 Vol 1 for Christmas. And I finally read it about a month or so ago. And I loved it - completely. Superheros plus crime drama plus partner dynamics. I found myself thinking of Moore and Busiek in the same breath.

I've just hunted down 'Supreme' in my library system, because the thought of yet another look at Superman seemed worth it - given how much reading about Samaritan changed me from a Batman Girl who tolerated 'The Boyscout' to someone who thought 'Oh yeah, there is another hero and his name is Kal-El'.

Recently, as I broaden my horizons in graphic novel reading, I feel very much as if I'm walking down roads so many other people have traveled before, and hitting all the well known rest stops. I dislike Greg Land's porn face. I like Busiek's Astro City and Shockrockets. I'm discovering that my love of Alan Moore pushes past DC universe.

It's lonely, but fun.

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