Sunday, October 7, 2007

damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn - Hating The Dubya B

Dear Warner Brothers,

I hate you.

Your decision, your new official policy that states girls are icky and don't sell at the box office therefore there will be no more movies with female leads, and the head of the studio doesn't even want to hear about movies with female leads, has me hating you.

I love Batman. You own Batman - you absolute wanking fuckers!

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Because of course now I have to fucking well boycott your stupid ass studio and not happily throw my money and inner fangirl at Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and not buy The Dark Knight the second it's available - likely through pre-order and not pimp it hard to my friends as the second coming.

Of course it could suck and have me doing all that anyway, but you had a fan in me you shit sucking, lice picking, arse scratching, brain damaged, Neanderthals in business suits!

Gah. As if it weren't bad enough that you're associated with woman choking, bitchslapping, evil raping, breast scraping, black people killing Supernatural.


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