Saturday, October 20, 2007


I saw DigitalFemme's post about Tigra and how she has to come back from this. And I said, based on what I saw in her pics (they were small) - geezu I hope so.


Fuck it I have no words. I really want to write that Seeking Avalon will be discussing anime and webcomics from now on and DC and Marvel can go lick each other's arses and die.

I feel sick. Dirty and sick.

I love superhero comics. Or no, maybe I love what superhero comics COULD BE. I certainly am not loving them right now.

Huh. And I was organizing my budget to buy Supergirl. I was organizing my budget to do something other than buy trade paper backs. But right now? Not so much.

I've been upset and angry and incredulous at individuals who tell women who like superhero comics to find something else. I don't want to find something else. Or I didn't want to find something else. And I'm aware of the problems Anime has. And it's not like webcomics don't have their problems either. I fell in love with Goblins and then realized on my second reading to the present that the first time I noticed a black human he was evil and then killed almost instantly after introduction.

But right now I can't help wondering at other things. Somehow, somewhere, something else.

I'm tired of the hunt and peck for characters of colour being empowered, for female characters not being used, abused, killed off etc.

-Please, Bendis could have picked a male hero to brush that stupid gang the wrong way and picked a male hero to have his family threatened and you know what? There's be extra impact for it, likely because he'd show the male hero fighting back but due to circumstances of drugs, thugs, what have you, not being able to fight back enough.-

Good Heaven. Mother of All Champions. Tigra beaten and brutalized (and yes, I'm admitting to personal trigger here cause duh! I'm female and it's happened within a foot of me in real life /snark)


Shit man.


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