Monday, January 21, 2008


I was discussing M-Day with a friend earlier, she hadn't heard too much about it. And it made me piece together random snippets of thought I'd had about the whole thing.

It's been bugging me and bugging me that Marvel claims to have done this because mutants were no longer the minority and that this was affecting the story.

I may have mentioned previous that there's still plenty that can be done with being a majority that's hated and feared. But there was a piece I hadn't thought through yet when I said that.

Homo Superior.

Mutants are supposed to be what man-kind is evolving into. It makes lots of sense to me that even if you want to call the past 25 yrs of comic history an extended FIVE YEAR STORYLINE, it still makes sense for mutants to slowly emerge in greater and greater numbers.

All the fear and suspicion doesn't go away the more mutants you have - at least not to my thinking. I think everything would get worse. I mean, right now there's all this talk about how 'The White Man' is the most put upon true minority on earth. Which I won't get into here.

But I can see sentiments about how Normal Human Beings are becoming the minority and what then? And how will that affect schools and life and crime fighting and public safety.

So I've been having thinky thoughts, especially in the wake of One More Day and Brand New Day.

The Mutants had a reboot.

Spiderman has had a reboot.

Is it that scary that these wonderful stories should continue? Is it that awful?

And has been pointed out time and time again, with one offs and AU special series and a new line of a new take on the universe (which also implies you could start a second new line for a new take on the universe - I'm fond of gender switch myself) why not move forward?

Why not see what the stories would be like when mutants are the next state in human evolution, when this moment (in comics) is the watershed moment, is the point when the balance has shifted and everyone's readjusting?

Why not explore the everyone in his thirties, dealing with the real life wtf, of heroing, marriage, job, calling...

I know I'd pay attention to Fantastic Four if Sue divorced Reed and we got to see more stories about her, and her powers and how they evolve and her as a single mom. And don't tell me 'Kids today won't relate to a single mom' cause - have you met their parent??

Matt Murdock may not ever move out of Hell's Kitchen - but Hell's Kitchen would sure enough change, the inhabitants, the stores, the feel of it. Though I don't know too much about DD, he was never my thing.

But progress, story, new circumstances, new expectations, new problems - it's like...

Like Marvel needs fanfic writers. They need people who have no problem looking at the text and hunting for subtext or novel ways to portray the heart of the character. Because all they have right now is people willing to tell the same story over and over and over and over again.

Civil War - Redux Registration Act.

BND - Redux 40yr old virgin. With Superpowers.

OMG - What if Hulk, met like the new Captain America. AND THEY FOUGHT!

Maybe part of it is the fact that Marvel missed the Memo? (And DC only got have the message) You know the memo that says graphic novels are part of the sequential art movement, and it's carving a niche of its own due to comic book readers growing up and discovering they like the artform to tell a myriad of tales?

Hm, other publishing companies manage to sell books both for young adult and adult readers. Heck, sometimes it's the same book with the same storyline.

And do they think it's just kids that go see the movies?

Huh, do they think that real fans should never want to see the characters grow up, change, mature?

This is all very confusing. Very confusing.

*hugs her HellBoy and King Fu Hustle and The Incredibles and Batman Begins*

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