Thursday, January 3, 2008

This Just In! Joe Q's An Asshole

I haven't finished reading the article, , part 4 of 5 over at CBR, but Joe Q just compared MJ's ooc jumping to make a deal with the devil, to his mother and breast cancer.

Yes, he compared his mother hiding the fact that she had breast cancer, in order not to stop her husband from buying a family home (which undoubtedly helped keep the family together after her death) to MJ's choice.

Can someone clear up for me whether or not MJ knew she was pregnant? And she couldn't just be expecting to have a fairly good idea - cause morning sickness people?

Can someone clear up for me if Joe Q just said that MJ gave up her unborn child in order to keep her man, Peter Parker, happy and that it was as dramatic as a woman hiding breast cancer?

And they say comic book fans have no scope in reality.

In Other News:

Interviewer: I think, for me, outside of the final moments between MJ and Peter, the biggest emotional impact in the story had to be the moment we discovered the little girl in the story would have been MJ & Peter’s daughter, had they remained together. Any chance this will be touched upon again?

Joe Q: As of this moment, we don’t plan on ever going back to it again. The little girl was again a peek at what Spider-Man books would have been like if we allowed him to continue along the path of growing as if he were a real person. While it’s fun in theory and cool stuff to play with within books that are out of current continuity or in another universe, it’s counterintuitive to what we want our Spider-Man books to be.

And I thought DC had burned me in ways I couldn't begin to express.

Ok, I will admit it. I am The Big Two's abused wife. I keep looking and hoping for a change and just dealing with the fists to my metaphorical face. (Yeah, I say boobies and porn-face, refrigerators and recorded brutal beatings count as fists)

I admit this because I was told last year to look to the indies, and I bristled and I snarled and I spit and hissed. But I can no longer see my hoping as sane. (Sorry I was so pigheaded) Yes, I believe progress is slow and yes I believe blogging and talking and acting and asking questions lays the foundation for the next generation. But how old is Joe Q? Forty something, right? He's got a good twenty years left in comics, let's say. And then there's the men he's directly groomed who have another thirty years for some of them forty years...

Maybe I'm just depressed and thinking of the metapho,r of the abused wife saving up money so the kids can run away to a college out of state, is simply making me darker and more depressed.

Do note I'm not just thinking women in Superhero comics (semi specifically the big Two). I'm thinking lesbians, and people of color and religions other than some general Christianity.

Ok, I need to go read something good, cause damn it, I refuse it to be a white man's fan boy world and me just living in it.

Hi, my name's Delirium, I believe in hope.

(ETA for Mallet: White man fan boy is used as a generic villain phrase to denote someone clueless about their privilege and adamant about comics being a certain way vs having good stories that everyone can enjoy. Your villainy's unique, honey.)


  1. The phrase that jumped out at me was the one about how they DIDN'T want it to progress as if Peter was a real person. I'd always understood the appeal of Spider-Man to be that of an everyman having to make difficult choices due to having powers. It's why I loved Ultimate Spider-Man for five years.

    Yeah... one of those moments where comics really diverge from what you hope for.

  2. Joe Q. says the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he should say. It is kind of freaking me out. "It was just a peek at what it would be like if we wrote narrative, you know, story, with complex, developed characters. HAHA HAH WHAT A DUMB IDEA, GOTCHA!"

    "Oh, fans are pointing out that we already have a young, single Spider-man in Ultimate Spider-man & Spider-man *hearts& Mary Jane? WELL TO THEM I SAY: if you want a married Pete & MJ, you could always read Spider-girl! HAHA HA HA HA"

    I think he might be the real Mephisto. I think.